TRIO Student Support Services: Making the Most of Your College Resources

   Northern State University offers multiple opportunities for students to succeed in college.
   A majority of these opportunities can be obtained through programs such as TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS).
   TRIO SSS is one of the many programs offered by Northern State that aims to help students make their college life as successful as possible.
   The TRIO SSS office is located in Dacotah Hall 101, which is the same location as the Reading, Math and Writing tutoring center.
   The ultimate goal of TRIO SSS is to help students reach their personal goals and achieve academic success. However, students must meet certain requirements in order to receive TRIO SSS services.

TRIO SSS helps countless students in need to make it easier for them
to adjust to college life.

   Students who are first generation college students, who meet low income qualifications, and students with disabilities are eligible to receive TRIO SSS Services from Northern.
   This program helps support students through various methods such as tutoring, academic advising, career and academic counseling, residential peer   mentoring, and learning community activities.
   TRIO SSS helps countless students in need to make it easier for them to adjust to college life.
   In addition, students eligible for assistance from the TRIO SSS program can receive the resources they need for academic and personal success.
   Northern’s TRIO SSS also offers options through an online workshop, available at:
   Some TRIO SSS students find it more beneficial or easily accessible to get help online instead of having to visit the tutoring center.
   The TRIO SSS program not only helps students with their academic advising or supporting their curricular needs, but the program holds events to help students and to encourage students to have fun.
   These events include “Custom Mug Cups,” during which students have the chance to design their own coffee or tea mugs.
   “Getting the Most Out of Your College Experience” is another event that gives students the opportunity to receive more information about potential study abroad programs or campus internship possibilities.
   Thanks to these programs, students who participate in the  TRIO SSS program can have successful academic records.
   Unlike other tutoring programs provided by Northern State University, the TRIO SSS program has an application requirement. In order to qualify for the program, students should apply prior to the beginning of the semester to be eligible for acceptance into the program.
   For more information on the TRIO SSS program or the services they offer, please contact Laci Hettick, Program Director of TRIO SSS at or visit the office at Dacotah Hall 101.
   If you are eligible for TRIO SSS, make the most of this resource and use this opportunity to help you achieve the most out of your college career.

Joseph Park

Photo courtesy of NSU website.