Wolves Memorial Hall To Have Updated Amenities

   If you have been on campus at any point since last spring, you have surely spotted the construction site located on the northwest corner of campus. Over the past year, the building has transformed from a green lot, to a massive hole in the ground, to a nearly completed residence hall.
   So finally coming in fall of 2017, Northern State University will be opening the doors of its brand new residence hall, Wolves Memorial Hall. This new hall is scheduled to be completed by August of 2017 and will provide accommodations for a whopping 144 students. Anyone can live in this hall, from first semester freshmen to fifth year, “super-seniors.” Everyone is welcome.
   While the official cost for the rooms has yet to be formally announced, Marty Sabolo, Director of Residence Life and this staff writer’s guide through the new hall, stated that it will be slightly more expensive than Kramer or Steele.
   But what do you get for that extra money? Well, first off, the hall will be home to both half and full suites. The only difference between the two is that the full suite has a living room while the half-suite does not.
   Both types of suites have 2 and 4 occupant options. These suites include full bathrooms that are designed in such a way that all occupants can be in different stages of preparing for the day without disturbing one another. On top of that, the rooms themselves are quite a bit larger that either Steele or Kramer and look a lot like a modern apartment. The kitchen is located on the first floor in the lounge, but there is an area on each floor with sinks, a fridge, counterspace, and recreation.

Wolves Memorial Hall located on northwest corner of campus.

   An accommodation that many students will probably receive with great joy is the space set aside on each floor for a laundry room. Yes, you read that right! No longer will you have to trudge down multiple flights of stairs to the basement of your respective hall with an overflowing laundry basket in order to get some clothes washed!
   Each floor will also have a study room and alcoves in the halls as designated spaces for students to do homework. Each floor will also have a recycling room as part of Northern’s effort to make the campus more environmentally friendly. It will also be the first building on campus to be LEED certified as well as being entirely ADA compliant. It will also be completely air-conditioned. This new building is a part of Northern’s effort to modernize the campus and provide students with more housing options.
   This modernization effort is being furthered by the demolition of Lindberg Hall at the end of this semester in order to make more new halls to be built.

Tyler Lanam

Photo credit: Brooke Nelson, Managing Editor.