Noon Forum: Sunshine Week in South Dakota

   On March 15, representatives from the Aberdeen American News came to Northern State University’s campus to discuss “Sunshine Week.”
   The term “sunshine”, in the newspaper business, refers to open government. Citizens are constantly advocating for open government, especially during legislative sessions held throughout the state.
   Furthermore, journalists and reporters work to shine light on how laws are applied and made, which is where the term “sunshine” originates.
   While all citizens have the freedom and opportunity to advocate for more open government, journalists and reporters work especially hard to keep the public aware of what the government is working on.
   One of the main goals of journalists is to hold the government accountable for their actions as it is a matter of fairness to the involved individuals.
   As a result of “Sunshine Week,” the Aberdeen American News has taken measures to make the public more aware of the government’s actions.
   To give more prominence to these types of issues, stories or public notices that fall under the “sunshine” criteria are now listed on the front page of the Aberdeen American News, making it more easily accessible to readers.
   Records are always available to the public if you use your resources wisely. Altogether, effective researching and navigating the Internet is the best way to go about finding public information in South Dakota.

Stacey McDonald

Photo credit: Stacey McDonald, Assistant Editor.