Q & A with NSU Communications and Marketing: #beNORTHERN Taking Social Media by Storm

Alexis Tappe, NSU student featured on #beNORTHERN

   Recently, you may have noticed different students, faculty, staff, and others involved with Northern State University featured in a social media campaign called #beNORTHERN.
   Tyler Harris, NSU student and a Communications and Marketing Department intern, is one of the people in the Communications and Marketing Department who finds, interviews, and features those who appear in the #beNORTHERN campaign.
   Harris says his favorite part of the working with the campaign is the “opportunity to meet new people on campus and hear unique stories and accounts of students/faculty on campus.”
   We asked Harris a few questions to help the campus community get a better idea of what this social media campaign is all about.
Q: Where did Communications and Marketing come up with the idea for #beNORTHERN?
   A: The idea of #beNORTHERN came about at a department team meeting, actually. You always hear cool stories about the people on campus but never know how you can share these stories with others.
   We got inspiration from the very popular “Humans of New York” campaign, developing a platform that would allow us to easily share stories like through Northern social media.
   We recognized that this was a perfect way to share the unique stories of people on campus.

Through #beNORTHERN, students have a way to advocate for the things that they believe in and that potentially impact other students . . .

– Tyler Harris

Q: Who spearheads the #beNORTHERN project?
   A: The #beNORTHERN campaign is the collaborative effort of the entire Marketing and Communications Department, which is really cool!
Q: Who can be a part of #beNORTHERN?
   A: If anybody is interested in being a part of our #beNORTHERN campaign, feel free to contact the Marketing and Communications Department at university.relations@northern.edu or contact me directly at tyler.harris@wolves.northern.edu.
   Ideally, we’re looking for a diverse crowd of people, representing different majors, areas of involvement on campus, people with unique stories related to their experience at Northern.
   If anybody has any questions pertaining to the project, we would be more than willing to answer them.
Q: How does #beNORTHERN affect others?
   A: #beNORTHERN is unique in the sense that it could potentially impact anybody in our audience.
   Through #beNORTHERN, students have a way to advocate for the things that they believe in and that potentially impact other students on campus who can relate in some shape or form to the stories being shared.
   I think that this campaign is a very powerful tool, as it basically tells the story of Northern through the students/faculty/staff represented on campus.
   I also think that this platform  is a great way to attract the attention of high school students and other potential Northern students who are looking for a university that is a good fit for them as well.
Q: Where do #beNORTHERN stories get published?
   A: The #beNORTHERN campaign stories are published on our Instagram page @_northernstateU and via our Facebook page.

Sabrina Mount

Photo courtesy NSU website.