Marine and Island Ecology in the Bahamas

   Back, by popular demand, is a spring break study abroad opportunity through NSU’s Biology department to San Salvador Island, in the Bahamas.
   This opportunity was last offered in 2015, and will be offered again in the spring of 2018. Students will depart on March 1 and return to NSU on March 11. The total cost for this all-inclusive trip is quite reasonable for the experience, weighing in at approximately $3,925, which includes course tuition costs of trip.
   This trip is not meant to be a relaxing spring break vacation but an exciting, hands-on, research-intensive adventure.
   Students will explore marine invertebrate and vertebrate ecology in the dense vegetation on land as well as in the water in tide pools and the ocean via snorkeling.
   Additionally, students will explore limestone caves and learn about the unique cultural and archaeological history of San Salvador Island, which was the first island that Christopher Columbus landed on when discovering the Americas.
   Students will live and learn at the Gerace Research Station, which is a part of the College of the Bahamas. Each student has the opportunity to conduct their own short-term research project either alone or in a small group.
   This trip serves as the lab portion of Marine and Island Ecology (BIOL 492). Aside from the duration of the trip, this class will meet throughout the spring semester 2018, meeting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12:00-12:50pm.
   Although this is a  400-level course, Dr. Alyssa Anderson, Assistant Professor of Biology the course instructor and trip leader, encourages students from any major to take the class and participate in the Bahamas trip.
   This course counts as a lab science general education requirement (for non-science majors) and the ecology requirement (for Biology majors). International experience looks great on resumes and applications to graduate schools.
   Both Dr. Anderson and Nathan Roberts, the other course instructor, are ecstatic about offering this trip again. Roberts went on the trip in 2015 as a student and felt he benefitted from the research experience greatly, so he is excited to co-lead in 2018.
   Dr. Anderson must approve your registration, so if you are interested in the Bahamas trip or would like more information, contact Dr. Anderson at

Annika van Oosbree

Photo courtesy NSU website.