Northern State University Student Association Update

My fellow students,

   This will actually be the last column I write to you all. By the time the next issue is published, the next Student Association President and Vice President will have taken over with their new senate. Though the current Senate’s term is nearly complete, we have remained active during our meetings.
   Last week, we approved two interim requests: one for members of Psychology Club to attend a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the other for the printing costs of the American Association for University Women’s Smart Start negotiation workshop. We are thrilled to be able to provide student’s the funds to further their education and professional experience.
   Additionally, we made a number of changes to the Student Association Constitution. Many of them were simple updates and clarifications. An example would be our Public Relations Chair; in our constitution, the responsibilities of this position were not terribly clear. Therefore, we had the position updated to include more information.
   Two major changes we made, though, were the inclusion of two new seats: International Senator and a Freshman Senator. There were several motivations for making these changes. The first of which was the lack of representation these two groups received. Though they are large bodies on campus, they had no official representatives on this organization. Additionally, after visiting with other universities, we found that some of them had in the past created seats such as these as well. Therefore, we found it necessary to create two more seats in order to make sure those groups were heard.
   Lastly, as our term wraps up, we have been working to put together an informal manual of sorts for each of the leading positions: executive seats and chairs. The constitution clarifies our positions but does not tell us how to do them. Thus, each of us is creating a simple Word document to outline how to go about fulfilling each of our duties (who to talk to for what, when to start planning events, etc.)
   We are here to serve you, the students, and, if we aren’t properly serving the students, then we are not doing our job. So come join us  for a meeting and don’t be afraid to give us your input.
   We are your voice in the world of higher education. Not only do your senators represent you in Student Association, but every senator also serves on a number of campus-wide committees that affect all areas of campus life.
   We would greatly appreciate your input at our meetings, which are open to the public. It’s your opportunity to be heard, so take advantage of it and stop by!
   Before I leave you to read the rest of this excellent publication, I would just like to say thank you for allowing me to act as your Vice President. It has been an honor representing you this past year.


Brooke Nelson
SA Vice President