Fulbright Scholar Recipient: Taylor Bice

Taylor Bice, NSU Senior and Fulbright Scholar

   Most seniors experience the overhanging thought of what comes after graduation, but senior Taylor Bice already has a plan in place, as he was recently awarded the prestigious honor of a Fulbright Scholarship.
   According to their website, the Fulbright Scholar Program is an international scholarship with a “goal to increase mutual understanding and support friendly and peaceful relations with the people of the United States of America and the people of other countries.”
   There are currently 155 countries around the world that are involved in  the Fulbright Program exchanges. Recipients of the Fulbright have gone on to become Nobel Prize winners, heads of state, educators, and civic leaders. It is a prestigious and competitive program, with the number of submitted applications reaching hundreds to thousands each year, with only roughly 60 Fulbright recipients named.
   Bice explained his reason for applying as, “A way to prove to myself that I would be a good teacher.” With the Fulbright, Bice has a chance to accomplish this as an English Teaching Assistant in South Korea for one year beginning in July.

The biggest thing I want to instill in students is to be motivated.

– Taylor Bice, NSU Senior and Fulbright Scholar

   Bice is an English major who is also pursuing certification in Teaching English as a Second Language. Alongside his studies, he has spent the past two years condensing information and perfecting his Fulbright application.  When asked about advice in applying for a Fulbright, Bice replied, “Be prepared to know what you want to do and seek help.”
   His dedication has clearly paid off.  He stated, “I proved to myself that I could do it.”
   Rigorous was the first word Bice used to describe the application process, and the hardest questions to answer were, “Why do I want to be a teacher? And what can I contribute to the country?”
   A monthly stipend will help fund his English Teaching Assistant experience, and a host family, living next to the campus where he will work, will be a support system during his stay.
   Bice is looking forward to gaining experience he can use in his career as an education, “so I can set up a curriculum and practice teaching methods.” After his time in South Korea, his long-term goal is to continue teaching English abroad or to work in an English Language School (ELS) classroom, primarily with refugee students.
   When reflecting on his future teaching career, Bice said that “the biggest thing I want to instill in students is to be motivated”.
   When traveling abroad this summer, Bice is taking with him a national honor as a Fulbright Scholar, one that shows his dedication for what he wants to do and his intentions to provide a helping hand wherever he resides in the future.
   If you are interested in applying for a scholarship through the Fulbright Scholar program, find out more information and  how to apply to be a scholarship recipient for next year by visiting their official website: www.cies.org.

Lexie Doerr

Photo credit: Kyla Schuster, Staff Photographer.