Midwest Entrepreneurship Conference 2017

   On April 7 and 8, twelve NSU students attended the sixth annual Midwest Entrepreneurship Conference (MWEC) in Omaha, Nebraska. The MWEC is geared toward college students and young entrepreneurs so they can learn from those who are successful in this area.
   All of the speakers were nationally recognized entrepreneurs. The MC was Erica Wassinger, Co-Founder of The Startup Collaborative, a nonprofit in Omaha, NE created to help other entrepreneurs.
   The first few speakers were Cory Scott (Founder & CEO of LiveBy Inc.), Cory Levy (Co-Founder & COO of After School), and Nathan Prehelm (the other Co-Founder of The Startup Collaborative). All shared their experience with entrepreneurship and gave advice to attendees, including to find a problem to solve, be opportunistic, find a mentor, build relationships, expect to fail, seek out innovation, develop a chip on your shoulder, stop talking and start doing, don’t fall in love with your solution, and find a beneficial partner such as someone who compliments your skill set.
   A representative from the Omaha branch of Wells Fargo spoke about how the bank helps entrepreneurs. Aspiring entrepreneur can go to http://www.wellsfargoworks.com and find what they may need to start their business.
   On the second day of the conference, there was a pitch competition (much like Shark Tank) in front of four well- known venture capitalists. Yours truly was one of four finalists who shared their ideas in front of everyone and received feedback on how to improve these ideas.
   During this beneficial event, individuals were given plenty of opportunity to network with the speakers and other students.

Sabrina Mount