Northern State University Student Association Update

   I am so incredibly excited to introduce myself and Brooke Thielbar as the new Vice President and President, of Student Association for the 2017-2018 school year.
   We come from completely opposite areas of NSU—in fact, the only reason we met in the first place was due to working together at Caribou Coffee years ago. We feel as though how opposite we are, both in personality and in interests, will prove beneficial to the rest of the student body.  Brooke is the extrovert of our pair, going into her fourth year as a Music Education major in vocal and instrumental education and also pursuing a Certificate in Arts Administration. She is bubbly and vivacious, someone people across campus recognize as being joyful and easy to approach.
   She will serve as NAfME President next year, although she is also involved in ACDA, NSU Marching Wolves, NSU Symphonic Band, NSU Clarinet Choir, the Aberdeen University/Civic Symphony, NSU Chamber Singers, NSU Concert Choir, and NSU Early Musick Ensemble.  As if that is not enough, she also is also featured in this spring’s NSU Theater production of “Mary Poppins”.
   While Brooke brings the Fine Arts department to Student Association, I bring several angles of the College of Arts and Sciences. I am heading into my senior year as a pre-medicine student, double-majoring in Biology and English and minoring in Chemistry.
   I serve as the Vice President of the Pre-Med Society, work as a staff writer and copy editor for The Exponent, and am a part of the Honors Program.  I am also heavily involved in the SI program, working as a supplemental instructor or instructional assistant for several of the Biology classes.  I also played volleyball for NSU until this last December, so I help bring the athlete perspective to Student Association as well.
   Our term as Vice President and President is occurring right in the midst of major changes as NSU, and we see this as an excellent opportunity to connect students with the faculty making the major decisions around campus.  One of these areas is the negotiations that are currently being made with Aramark to renew the dining services contract.
   Students often complain about the current state of dining at the den, and with the new C-store and Papa John’s coming on board in one of the new dorms, lots is at stake. With this in mind, we hope to engage students in Student Association as much as possible.
   Ideally, we want more people to attend our meetings so we can get more feedback on how to move forward in taking action in bridging the gap between students and the big decisions being made across  Northern’s campus.
   Both Brooke and I encourage all students to contact us at any time and/or attend one of our Student Association meetings at 9 o’clock on Tuesday nights.


Annika van Oosbree
SA Vice President