NSU Foundation’s Senior Tradition

(L-R) Seniors Taylor Bice, Brooke Nelson, and Holly Holborn at the Senior Tradition Luncheon.

   On Wednesday, April 12, the NSU Foundation hosted the Senior Tradition Luncheon in honor of the Class of 2017.
   At the luncheon, spring graduates received a graduation packet, enjoyed a free lunch, and learned more about “The Senior Tradition.”
   “The Senior Tradition” is a long-standing tradition at Northern State University. All graduating seniors are invited to participate in the tradition and give back to NSU as it continues to grow as one of the best institutions in the region.
   One of the best aspects of “The Senior Tradition” is that students are able to choose where their monetary donation goes. Students can gift their money to a specific school, college, department, athletic team, campus club, the library, or wherever they choose. All donations designated to the Senior Class Gift will support the area of greatest need to NSU, which is student scholarships.Picture15
   The primary goal of “The Senior Tradition” is to give back to Northern State University. Throughout the years, students have benefited greatly from the generous contributions made by alumni, parents, and friends. Participation in the Senior Class Gift further aids the traditions of giving back to provide incoming and current students with similar opportunities.
   Moreover, students are encouraged to give back because the preceding seniors made their NSU experience possible, and now the graduating seniors have the opportunity to pay it forward to the rest of the NSU students, faculty, staff, and community.
Picture17    In addition, when students contribute to “The Senior Tradition,” they are contributing and raising money for scholarships such as the WolfPact.
   Last year alone, the NSU Foundation gave away about $2.3 million in scholarships, $800,000 of which went to students who received the WolfPact Scholarship.
   Close to 60 seniors attended this year’s event, with the following seniors pledging to give back: Brenna Ackerman; Jeffrey Bartel; Cassandra Bottum; Addyson Diaz; Candace Dobberpuhl; Adam Geist; Braden Goldade; Sy Hlaing; Holly Holborn;  Breann Jackson; Carrie Johnson; Suzie Kilber; Corey Klatt; Haley Nelson; Bianca Rosa; James Salinas; Autumn Schulz; Levi Seefeldt; Katherine Seyer; Sabrina Smith-Mount; Marisa Sundermeyer; Emily Tillma; Zachary Ulmer; Molly Wynn.
Picture14   “The Senior Tradition” initially began as a way of wanting to  contact  seniors.  It  has since developed into friendships and alumni gatherings. Alumni plan various events, and gatherings often consist of trips to warmer destinations during brutal South Dakota winters, which also serve as  great reunion and networking events to keep the Northern community connected.
   If you are a graduating senior and would like to contribute any amount, no matter how much or how little, to be a part of “The Senior Tradition,” contact the NSU Foundation’s Kelli Jo Krause at (605)-626-2612 or Kelli.Jo.Krause@northern.edu.

Stacey McDonald

All photos courtesy of the NSU Foundation