Wellness Corner: Dig for Joy

Picture22   I have a decorative candle and rock bowl that sits on my coffee table. I love to light the candles in the afternoon or evening and enjoy their subtle glow and soothing energy. A few of the rocks have encouraging words stamped into them like courage, inspire, and harmony.
   As the candles get lower sometimes they melt each other, and the wax overflows into the rocks below like lava. I generally try to prevent this, but sometimes it just happens.
   After a particularly spectacular candle meltdown about a week ago, I needed to chip a few of my rocks out of the hardened wax and change the candles. There was one particular rock that was buried very deep in the wax. Since I do have some regular rocks in the bowl I toyed with the idea of just throwing the clump of wax and rock away instead of taking time to dig it out, but since it might have been a rock with a special word on it, I decided to work harder and free the rock, just in case.
   After a few minutes of prying, breaking, chopping, and chipping away at the wax, I finally uncovered my rock, which read “Joy” in bold black lettering on one side.
   Sometimes we have to work, dig, and chip away through a layer of hardened wax to find or reclaim our joy. Even if we are generally joyful people, “stuff” sometimes overflows into our hearts and minds if we let it.  It can cover up our joy and make it hard to get to. We might even forget that we had joy in the first place or lament its departure.  Even though it is still there, sometimes we just can’t see it.  It’s then that we need to dig a little deeper and chip it out of whatever covered it up initially.
   Sometimes we let negativity, doubt, complaining, worry, fear, anger, or a certain person or situation cover and bury our joy so deep that we can’t see or feel it anymore. We might think about throwing out the whole mess, but if we commit to looking for it, the joy can be found again.  It might be buried, but it’s still there.
   Where is your joy today?  Is it proudly and pristinely displayed for you and everyone else to enjoy?  Or is it buried underneath a clump of wax, so deep you can’t find it?  If it’s buried, I encourage you to start digging.  Chip away little by little with the confidence that you eventually will find it again, because finding your joy again is always well worth the effort.
   To those of you graduating soon, congratulations and best wishes to you on your new and upcoming journeys.
   In addition, to those of you returning in the fall, have a fun and refreshing summer break.

Ashley Geist-Cusik

Photo courtesy Public Domain Pictures.