Your 2017-2018 Student Association

   As this year comes to a close, so do many senate positions on Student Association. Leading the 2017-2018 senate are President Brooke Thielbar and Vice President Annika van Oosbree. Student Association had six senate positions to fill with new representatives. These positions were filled by: Pedram Homayounpour, Tyler Harris, Danny Quinn, Haley Duchsherer, Katelyn Fetch, and Taylor Luna. Another change in Student Association involves the faculty advisor. Dr. Courtney Waid-Linberg will be taking over the advisor position for next year’s team.

The swearing in of the 2017-2018 SA President and Vice President. Pictured (left to right): 2016-2017 Vice President Brooke Nelson and President Corey Klatt, and 2017-2018 President Brooke Thielbar and Vice President Annika van Oosbree.

   Pedram Homayounpour is a junior pursuing a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. As a premed student, Pedram’s future plans involve attending medical school and becoming a neurosurgeon. Pedram wanted to join Student Association to aid the link between international students and the organization. He wishes to become more involved on campus and contribute to the community through his work as a senator.
   Tyler Harris is a junior majoring in Business Management. In the future, Tyler hopes to maintain his internship with the NSU Communications and Marketing Department until graduation. Tyler wants to be part of Student Association so his voice can be heard. Tyler wants to gain a better understanding of student government and make more connections with campus and the community.
   Danny Quinn is a Graphic Design major who is planning to graduate in May 2018 in Honoribus and hopes to stay in South Dakota to work as a graphic designer. On senate, Danny would like to make an impact and be helpful in any way possible.
   Haley Duchsherer will be a senior in 2017-2018 and is also planning to graduate in Honoribus. As a Psychology major, Haley is excited to pursue a master’s degree at the University of North Dakota and hopes to work as a licensed social worker in North or South Dakota after completing her master’s. Haley looks forward to being a voice for the student body. Her goals as a senator include implementing suicide prevention and mental health awareness events on campus.
   Katelyn Fetsch will be a sophomore and is double majoring in Elementary and Special Education with an endorsement in Early Childhood Special Education and a minor in coaching. Katelyn became interested in Student Association because of the opportunity to make a difference on campus and communicate with more students. She is excited to be a voice for the student body and hopes to acquire more leadership skills through her position.
   Taylor Luna will be a sophomore and is an Elementary Education major with a double minor in Early Childhood Development and Reading. Taylor became interested in Student Association because of the opportunities it provides to be involved and make a difference on campus. Taylor hopes to gain better leadership skills and learn how to better approach making real changes on campus.
   Dr. Waid-Linderg, the Student Association’s new faculty advisor, is honored to take up this new position. As a good communicator and a close listener, Dr. Waid-Lindberg hopes to assist the student leaders in serving all of Northern’s students and helping them cultivate their own leadership skills.
   It will be exciting to see the hard work of the Student Association’s newest members pay off in 2017-2018. Thank you to the Student Association for the time, effort, and dedication it puts in to serving Northern State’s student body.

Zoe Buckstead

Photo credit: Kyla Schuster, Staff Photograher